5k PR!!! #sub18

I never thought I would see my name next to a 17 minute 5k. Hell, I haven’t even seen my name next to an 18 minute 5k this year! I can’t stop thinking about it [days later] my name next to 17:40. Yes, it was a fast mostly downhill course. But still. 17:40. that is indeed something to be proud of! With an 8 week training cycle I was able to break my past time by 27 seconds!!! Wow.


Some of my previous 5k times this year:

August 5 – Back the Blue in Albany, GA – 19:04

August 26 – Love 2 Run in Dothan, AL – 19:15


March & April

The first weekend of March I planned to run the Albany half-marathon. I ended up getting very sick with a fever, bad cough, chills, hot flashes, drainage, sore throat, upset stomach, etc. and not being able to run

This month I have been working on my speed by adding in track intervals.

The workouts I did are as follows:

  • 8 – 400m repeats with 100m walk b/w reps (in trainers)
  • 10 – 400m repeats, with 100m walk b/w reps (in trainers)
  • 10 – 400m repeats, with 200m walk b/w reps (1:26-7, one 1:24 in flats)
  • 1 tempo 1600m (6:23) + 8 – 400m repeats with 200m walk (1:26s, 1:24)
  • 4 – 400m repeats (1:29, 1:27, 1:28, 1:27), 1 – 1600m (tempo @ 6:15), 4 – 400m repeats (1:27, 1:27, 1:26, 1:24)

I have done several races including:

  • GWTC Springtime 10K (Tallahassee): 42:53
  • Palace Saloon 5k (Tallahassee): 20:24
  • Alabama Kidney Foundation 5K (Westgate Trail, Dothan): 19:46

The first two I wasn’t feeling it. The last one I felt faster and stronger during the race!



My New Blog!

Decided to start a new blog about running to:

  • keep track of my training
  • set realistic goals
  • organize my training
  • look back on in the weeks, months, and years to come
  • learn what works for me (and maybe help others along the way!)
  • motivate myself to keep training

Excited to start this blog!